Attack Surface Monitoring

The brand’s attack surface comes from its digital footprint. Digital footprint symbolizes the brand’s presence on the internet and the attack surface refers to the vulnerable part of the digital footprint. Larger digital footprints create greater attack surface for threat actors and the number of threats for the brand.

Determining and monitoring the attack surface is essential to prevent attacks and detect possible threats. ThreatMon identifies the brand’s digital footprint and monitors the entire footprint and attack surface in real time.

How ThreatMon Identifies Digital Footprint of Brand?

To identify the attack surface and digital footprint of the brand, ThreatMon;

  • Monitors DNS records in real-time
  • Monitors whois records in real time
  • Monitors subdomains and domains situation in real time
  • Monitors SMTP servers in real time
  • Monitors subsidiaries in real time
  • Monitors related domains in real time
  • Monitors SSL certificates in real time

ThreatMon Works Real-Time

ThreatMon does real-time monitoring for all the assets of a company. It analyzes all of the company’s components and detects attack surfaces. If it detects a possible threat during its analysis, ThreatMon immediately generates an alert and allows you to intervene before the attack occurs.