Data leakage, data breach, or data exposure. All almost the same. The data of your employees may be leaked not only through your assets, but also from other platforms that do not belong to you, and this can seriously affect your company.


Approximately 69% of people use the same password for all their accounts. When a data breach occurs, affected employees must be notified of the breach immediately. If the user credentials included in the relevant data breach are also used on the corporate account, this may pose a very critical risk for the company.


APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) groups and professional threat actors investigate past data breaches related to their targets before attacking. They collect such information about their targets from many sources such as data breach databases. When they find any credential or valuable information about a person working at their target organization, they use that information to reach the target.

To prevent cyber attacks and incidents, ThreatMon detects data breaches and continually monitors platforms where data exposure occurs. When any anomaly that may pose a threat to your organization is detected, it generates an alarm and enables you to be aware of the situation, thus providing the opportunity to take action before a possible attack that has yet to occur.