Source Code Leak Detection

GitHub has have more than 40.000.000 users and there are and at
least 190.000.000 repositories an at least 28.000.000 of them are
public repositories. Most developers use GitHub meaning, most of
the source code development projects (which may include sensitive data
on your company) are carried out on GitHub.

Companies use public and private repositories. These repositories may include This sensitive data like credentials, API keys, secret keys or e-mail addresses forgotten inside the code. Threat actors continuously search for this kind of data on GitHub, Jira, GitKraken etc. These sensitive data can later be used by threat actors to get access to your information systems or to perform social engineering (phishing) attacks.

How ThreatMon Does Source Code Leak Detection?

ThreatMon continuously monitors source code sharing platforms like GitHub, GitLab etc. in real-time, searching for sensitive data such as emaill addresses, passwords, API keys, secret keys, usernames, DB connection string information and much more.

When such sensitive information is detected, ThreatMon generates an alarm, allowing you to be aware of the disclosure of this information and thus take necessary precautions.