Vulnerability Intelligence

Knowing the vulnerabilities in different environments and technologies is very important in terms of applying best practices.

Threat actors generally use CVEs  “Common Vulnerabilites and Exposures” to attack a target. There are some public exploits avaliable for this CVEs. Threat actors use those exploits and gain access to the target system.

If the company took no action on an existing vulnerability that has available public exploits, gaining access to that system would be really easy with the use of CVEs. Therefore, it is crucial to know which server software or hardware version is vulnerable in order to prevent possible attacks and increase system security.

ThreatMon, monitors all your assets in real-time, and by detecting the the current versions it determines the vulnerabilities in your systems. When a vulnerable system is detected, ThreatMon then generates an alert. Thus, you will have the opportunity to take action before the exploitation by being aware of the relevant vulnerability.

ThreatMon provides:

ThreatMon, provides information from official resources like NVD and gives risk score of CVEs  in real-time for you to check your vulnerable system’s risk score.